Set up this anti-aging strategy


1st  step

Saliva collection kit at disposal of the patient with instructions for use in many languages.

2nd step

The recipient deposits saliva samples containing the active ingredients in the transport tube provided for this purpose.

3rd step

Your DNA sample will be forward to  Laboratoire SwissCheckUp SA.


This laboratory, with your agreement, will extract your DNA, purify it and process it for a storage of several years. The storage of the first 10 years is included in the price of the first order.  Without a yearly renewing of your membership, the storage of your DNA will be deleted and your DNA destroyed. .

Sensitivity tests were performed for the support of the biomolecular formula. As for the formula itself, you can not be allergic to your own genetic material

Your Chronosome ™ can be delivered to you once a year or twice a year, carefully prepared, each time with your genetic material protected from aging in our secure centers. You have the choice to order a box of 4 vials for 6 months or 1 box of 8 vials for one year. Each order extends your storage for the next year.