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The Chronosome ™ concept represents a major technological evolution in modern cosmetology.

This new cosmeceutical, based on complex manufacturing protocols, guarantee totally individualized care with maximum efficiency.

The know-how of multidisciplinary partners, working in synergy, has allowed the development of this true anti-aging strategy.


How does Chronosome ™ work?

With each application, Chronosome ™, a true source of youth, allows your skin to tap the regenerative potential in your preserved DNA. Its extraordinary restorative abilities stimulate the regeneration and cellular metabolism of your skin. The epidermis naturally finds its performance, its raw qualities and the ability to maintain a good balance of functioning despite external constraints (homeostasis).

Only Chronosome ™ uses endogenous DNA to actively fight the appearance and effects of aging-related skin dysfunction.

This endogenous DNA avoids the risk of sensitivity or allergic reaction.

Beneficial at any age!

The most recent research shows that very quickly we will live up to more than 120 years. Our research will allow us get older in a healthier state.

The increase in life expectancy (on average 1 year every 4 years) implies taking care of oneself. Whatever your age at the beginning of treatment, Chronosome ™ acts on time and helps preserve the vitality of your skin.

Chronosome is naturally effective in duration and its effects are amplified over time. Its bio molecular formulation is suitable for both men and women regardless of their skin type.