Anti-Aging Strategy, a leap forward.

.A Biomolecular formula developed in Switzerland, In collaboration with :

  • Swischeckup SA
  • Swiss AntiAge Group
  • Spectramed SA
  • Incorpore Medical Center

Good news

The pooling of the discoveries of many collaborators makes it possible to better understand the role of our genetic heritage, and thereby, one of the main reasons for cell aging. This process is not inevitable. In fact, by taking cells and isolating their DNA, the cell division is interrupted and the countdown is stopped, this DNA no longer ages and can, thanks our exclusive processing, continue to give orders effective cell regulation.

Like a photographic snapshot, your DNA is protected from time, the potential of rejuvenation of this DNA, incorporated into Chronosome ™ can be restored to you for years. Chronosome ™ and your DNA will now be your most valuable allies in the fight against aging.

Chronosome ™ revolutionizes the anti-aging care, acts in the long term and in depth, without removing you the pleasure of taking care of your skin with the everyday cosmetics which act on the surface.


Swiss AntiAge Group brings together and links biologists, chemists, doctors, researchers and specialists in degenerative diseases. It controls protocols and procedures for placing Chronosome on the market: DNA sampling, purification, storage, labeling, routing to our partners for packaging and personalized distribution.

SwissCheckUp, is a laboratory located in Switzerland, accredited by the Federal Office of Public Health, active in the field of clinical genetics. This partner offers genetic analyzes for hereditary cancers, cardiovascular diseases and pharmacogenetic tests as well as a comprehensive catalog of analyzes for rare genetic diseases. It remains constantly on the lookout for innovative new technologies to offer the latest market solutions in oncogenetics, cardiogenetics, neurogenetics and pharmacogenetics.

Spectramed SA and Incorpore Medical Center ensure the logistics of diffusion of a product of deep technology for a completely personalized treatment from the diagnosis to the design of the targeted biomolecular formula.